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‘Tis Better to be Sought

How would it be to be the “hot commodity” that employers are looking for? Have you ever wished that you could just sit back and spend all your time evaluating which job offer to accept? Well, this blog won’t get you that. It will however, give you some tools that might improve your chances of being recruited.

I recently asked the question in LinkedIn,

How can a person be a job SEEKEE instead of just being a job seeker?

Below is a summary of the responses mingled with a little of my own interpretation.

  • Make yourself accessible. If you are seeking a job, don’t be too concerned about keeping your contact information private, you want people to call you.
  • Establish a personal brand strategy. Know who you are and what you want. Be the expert in your field, market your strengths and accomplishments and be consistent.
  • Get connected with recruiters. Go to agencies, call recruiting companies, look for them on LinkedIn and get connected or introduced. Recruiters are a direct contact to the hiring managers and if they know you and you have impressed them, they will think of you when an opportunity comes up.
  • Join professional organizations and networking groups. Get involved in groups and associations and market yourself according to your brand. Volunteer to teach skills, or head a committee. When people see your value they will help you find work or better yet, offer you a job.
  • Create a quality online presence. Make sure to effectively use LinkedIn and other social media. Participate in groups and LinkedIn Answers. Write a blog and share it in several professional groups and other media. Don’t solicit but share your knowledge. It will be noticed if it is good.
  • Stay employed. It is statistically easier to find a job if you are employed. Find a temp job that will give you income but will also allow you to network into the companies you are assigned to. Don’t hesitate to ask the supervisor if they can introduce you to someone in your area of interest. If you work hard they will be happy to do it.

If one works smart, one just might catch the attention of their future employer. Seek to be sought and good luck!

(Thanks to all who answered the questions. Please visit the LinkedIn Answers link above for the full content)


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