Cover Letter

To whom it may concern,

I am an accountant and a process innovator. Throughout my career of over 13 years as a finance professional, I have worked for large companies such as Marriott as well as some small to mid-size companies. I have a thorough understanding of accounting systems and controls and have audit results to prove it. As an innovator in accounting processes, I have developed 2 processes that were designated best practices in several Marriott Hotels. I have organized a step-by-step procedures manual in every position I have held in my professional career.

My strengths are as follows:

Efficiency– I developed a system that reduced the reconciliation time on a balance sheet account by 2-3 hours.

Understanding– I have a keen understanding of accounting and process management. I overhauled the production tracking process at Baer Bronze leading to over 95% accuracy on delivery of critical shipments.

Determination– Through educating management and continual encouragement, I increased the purchasing card rebate $60,000 in two years at the Renaissance Esmeralda.

I have many skills that go well above accounting and I have worked in multiple industries. I have a long-term goal to be a General Manager where I can use my other skills to bring success to a company such as yours.

I can be reached for an interview at 801-491-6956.


Trenton Willson

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