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Basketball and Limiting Beliefs

Formative Years Reflecting on my childhood, basketball played a major role in most of it. I loved playing basketball and honestly I was pretty good. I didn’t make the school basketball teams and as I write this post, I hope to analyze some of the reasons why and how that has affected my life for […]

Our Journey in the Wilderness

I have so much to be thankful for! I am blessed beyond measure and yet the trials my family are going through seem overwhelming. I know that many of you, my friends and family, are feeling concerned about our well being, our comfort and our overall feelings of happiness and self worth. I thank you […]


A while back, my wife and I participated in a marriage class offered through LDS Family Services. In this class, the teachers talked about being vulnerable in your relationship. This idea caused Erin to ask, “How can one stay in control and avoid being hurt if they make themselves vulnerable? Wouldn’t that create an open […]



They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder (They: “Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder” P.1). Is that true? I understand the statement and agree with the concept. When you miss someone, your heart aches when you are not with them. You think of things that you might not think of when they are […]



Alone   Today I feel alone. My wife and kids are far away and the distance is more than the miles. I look for those around me to fill the gap, but the gap remains. I wonder who will comfort. As I wondered, my mind told me what I already knew. The Savior in his […]

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