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The Great Home

Late 2014 was a time of great hopes for us. We were given instruction from our Heavenly Father that we were to move our family to my roots in Emery County. I was shocked when Erin, a modern conveniences appreciator, said to me, “I think we need to move to Emery County.” In the process, I got a transfer and now have been given the opportunity to fix up my grandparent’s home for us to begin our new life. My family has experienced a delay en-route in arriving here and I have the opportunity to dig deep into my soul as I clean, tear up, remodel, fix, repair and beautify a piece of my family history. This home is going to represent a cleaning, tearing up, remodeling, fixing, repairing and beautifying of my soul as I do a lot of this on my own. It will allow a lot of alone time to heal and possibly to spend some time with angels who have gone before and who care for this home as much as I do and will. This scenario is almost exact to that of my grandparents when they moved into this home when my dad was only a baby. When asked what we should call this home, my kids unanimously agreed to call it The Great Home.


Follow our progress using the links below:




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