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Work In Progress

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 Base Boards in Grandma and Grandpa’s Room
In the bathroom I pulled up the carpet and removed the toilet and the rotted wood around the toilet as well as some of the sub flooring.


 Finished pulling up sub floors and pulled off the tile and plywood from around the tub to reveal a really neat claw foot tub and original flooring and wallpaper. Kind of a neat blast from the past.


Cut out rotted baseboards around the toilet and installed supports for the new flooring. Removed the framing around the tub and used some of the wood for supports.



Replaced floor boards around toilet, stained new floor boards to protect from water damage. Uncovered more interesting wallpaper removing a portion of rotted sheet rock.



 Removed the vanity in the bathroom and the old flooring to the floor boards underneath. Floor boards are in good shape. Re-finished the new floor boards. Removed the door and the bottom layer of tile around the wall to prepare for laying the particle board.

Removed carpet, padding and tack strip in hallway.


 Removed carpet in the “Apple Room” and in Grandma and Grandpas room and prepped Grandma and Grandpa’s room for flooring. Found a milk bottle cap in the wall. Clicking on the photo will take you to an obituary of the lady that owned Clark Dale Dairy with her husband.
IMG_20150413_194029[1] IMG_20150413_194009[1] IMG_20150413_194040[1]IMG_20150413_211104[1] IMG_20150413_211136[1] IMG_20150413_211202[1] IMG_20150413_211219[1]


 When I got there, Uncle Stanley had tilled up the front and side yard. I started the flooring in Grandma and Grandpa’s room and got to the heater vent. I washed the door jam in their room.
IMG_20150414_191624[1] IMG_20150414_191633[1] IMG_20150414_191655[1]


 Tore up flooring because I learned how to get them to go together better and then installed the entire floor including around where the heater vent is.
IMG_20150422_224503[1] IMG_20150422_224552[1]IMG_20150422_224533[1]IMG_20150422_224601[1] IMG_20150422_224642[1]


 Found some thin particle board in dad’s shed that I was able to use to cover the thinner floor boards. Cut and installed sub floor and then cut and installed particle board over half of the bathroom floor. Unhooked tub and cleaned area behind the tub.
 IMG_20150429_220000[1]IMG_20150429_220044[1] IMG_20150429_215953[1]IMG_20150429_215934[1]IMG_20150429_220028[1]IMG_20150429_220022[1]


 Cut out rotted floor boards under the tub. One of the support beams which had been re-supported with another beam was crumbly and rotted so I removed some of the old beam in order to attach floor support for the new floor boards. Put in new floor boards and stained the wood.
 IMG_20150505_190537[1] IMG_20150505_190610[1] IMG_20150505_190518[1] IMG_20150505_212307[1] IMG_20150505_212324[1]


 Added last coat of stain to floor boards, cut and placed sub flooring on floor boards. Cut and placed plywood in the bathroom.Added supports to the floor in the hall around the heater vent hole.
 IMG_20150602_200019[1]IMG_20150602_200030[1] IMG_20150602_200040[1]IMG_20150602_195949[1]IMG_20150602_210804[1]IMG_20150602_210741[1]IMG_20150602_210726[1]


 Worked on scraping off the black tar paper in the hall in preparation to lay another layer of sub floor.
 IMG_20150603_201817[1] IMG_20150603_201906[1]


Finished scraping the tar paper, placed the new layer of sub-flooring and installed laminate flooring in the hall. Worked a total of 15 hours this week.
 IMG_20150609_184248[1] IMG_20150609_222422[1]
 IMG_20150610_225620[1] IMG_20150610_225629[1] IMG_20150610_225734[1]
 IMG_20150611_231349[1] IMG_20150611_231415[1] IMG_20150611_231426[1]IMG_20150611_231316[1]IMG_20150612_115103[1]


 Started building vanity for the bathroom.
IMG_20150617_232540[1] IMG_20150617_232557[1]IMG_20150617_232722[1]IMG_20150617_232641[1]


 Routered cabinet door, attached door and front panel (I cut one wrong…measure twice…).
 IMG_20150619_003810[1] IMG_20150619_003830[1] IMG_20150619_004447[1] IMG_20150619_003903[1]


 Installed linoleum in the bathroom and finished the base of the vanity.
 IMG_20150622_190427[1] IMG_20150622_223150[1] IMG_20150622_223204[1] IMG_20150622_223228[1] IMG_20150622_223250[1]
 IMG_20150622_223217[1] IMG_20150622_223301[1]

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