Executive Summary

Elevator Pitch

I am an accountant and a process innovator. I have over 13 years of accounting experience and an array of other marketable skills. I am highly inventive. While working for Marriott, I developed and implemented 2 best practices that were used in multiple hotels, one received an award for it’s efficiency. I ensure that redundancies are eliminated and management are able to clearly understand and effectively review their financial statements. I created an electronic distribution of the period end reports that allowed department managers to review their results 3-5 hours earlier each day until the month end reports were finalized. I will innovate and invent for any company I work for.

Power Statements

  • I am innovative- I created two Marriott best practices
  • I am creative- I developed my own website resume
  • I learn quickly- I am self taught in many online applications and software programs
  • I am articulate- I have been commended on my ability to break down difficult accounting topics to be understood by non-financial managers.

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