Marketing & Brand Management

My experience in Marketing and Brand Management has come in pretty unconventional ways. Yes, I did have several classes in college which taught me many of the basics; Target markets, market share, SWOT analysis and many other topics. But my experiene comes from learning how to sell myself which can often be the toughest sale to make. To understand my innovative approach to marketing, I invite you to watch this video from YouTube.

My Basic Marketing Strategy

Brand Awareness

This is where through marketing efforts, potential customers begin to know we exist and basic facts about us, what we do or sell, and where we are but not much more than that.

Brand Recognition

When we have effectively made our customers aware of us, they become curious or recognize us more frequently. This is when they learn more. They may visit the websites, call about pricing or products and they may even sample the product.

Brand Loyalty

When a company or person has effectively actualized the first two steps, they must maintain the brand that led the person to sample their product. Customer service become critical with a new customer. If they are not satisfied with the first contact, they will not return and they will tell others how terrible the service was. In addition to fantastic service, your product has to perform the way it was marketed. If it doesn’t, you have to fall back on customer service to resolve the problem, if they can’t, you again lose the customer.


  • Personal Branding Consultant for Utah DWS
  • Developed Marketing plan template for Pipeline Development Company
  • Social Media Expert
  • Guest presenter at multiple job clubs on personal branding
  • Volunteer Committee member for the Utah Chapter of the American Marketing Association
  • WordPress Website developer
  • Experienced Blogger
  • Brought Pipeline Development from page 44 to 13 on LinkedIn search results
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